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At Rock-N-Water, we love winter. Why? Because winter means the mountains get snowpack and snowpack means spring and summer flows on the river. You see, during the course of the winter, the snowpack in the mountains builds and builds. When spring hits, that snow starts to melt. So what? Well, as it melts it starts to feed the rivers that flow out of the mountains. The more snow melting out of the mountains, the more water we have in our rivers. The more water we have in our rivers, the more fun we have playing on them. And of course, the more fun we have playing on them, the greater the opportunity to watch God move through what he has made!

However, rivers with higher flows have effects beyond rafting for us. The canyon we rock climb in, Billy Goat Gorge, is a prime example of this. Although we still rock climbed our butt’s off this summer, our canyoneering options were limited because the water levels in that river were too high to allow creek hiking.

What We Can Still Learn

Even though the lack of canyoneering was an inconvenience, this is part of what makes adventuring in God’s creation such an amazing thing; it isn’t something that we can keep inside our boxes or our control. When we’re able to, adventuring into creation is simply a gift.

After not being able to explore the bottom of Billy Goat Gorge this summer, we are excited to say that we are once again swimming, jumping, and exploring its nooks and crannies!  It was exciting to be able to take what groups we could into this ridiculously unique canyon at the end of the summer.

Here is a short video we put together showing just how fun it is to play in this canyon. Enjoy!

A Day of Exploring Billy Goat Gorge

Isaiah 44:3
“For I will pour water on the thirsty land, and streams on the dry ground; I will pour my Spirit upon your offspring, and my blessing on your descendants.”