Yesterday (6/26) around 1 PM one of Rock-N-Water’s staff, Linnea Lomax, walked out of an outpatient facility in the Sacramento area and has not been seen since. A search for her was started yesterday, and is still ongoing. Please see the attached flyer for more information, and consider sharing it with your friends/facebook, especially those that are in and around the greater Sacramento area.

Please pray for everyone involved in this situation.

Most of our summer staff are currently assisting with the search, however a small group of staff have remained in camp and are taking care of all the groups that are here. Today (Wednesday) we were able to re-arrange things for all groups to be able to go out on adventures, however as this situation progresses it may become more difficult for us to do so. If you are coming to Rock-N-Water this summer, and especially over the next few days/week, please be flexible with us as we attempt to continue to provide you with an amazing trip, while balancing the physical and emotional needs of our staff. We will try to individually contact trips as soon as we have a clearer vision of what this might mean for your trip.

If you have a SIGHTING call 916-905-HELP(4357)!
If you have a tip or lead, email
If you have resources or services to offer, such as food or supplies for the search effort, search dogs, email
If you want to donate to the search effort, you can do so here: Linnea Search Fund

Updated information and how to join the search: