Rain rain on my face…

The national weather service is predicting a weather system that will move through our area on Monday and Tuesday (June 24 & 25, 2013) that will bring with it more rain than we normally see fall during this time of the year. While any rain at all this time of the year is a bit out of the ordinary, they are predicting as much as 0.5-1 inches of rain – which is actually a decent amount (for this time of the year).

We have taken steps to mitigate the affects that these storms will have on our adventures, including adjusting what specific adventures we do each day, and preparing wet weather gear that will make playing out in the rain still a very fun and enjoyable experience.  If you’d like to track the weather at camp, you can do so via our very own weather station located right here at camp.

While we do not currently see situations that would warrant canceling any of our trips, we will continue to monitor the weather conditions, weather forecasts, and river levels, and make changes to each of our trips to ensure the safety and quality of each experience.

We are looking forward to playing in the rain this week!

Jansen Wendlandt
Assistant Director

UPDATE 2013-06-25

The weather system has moved through, dropping a nice 0.9 inches of rain between Monday and Tuesday. We all got a little wet, and were very happy for the hot drinks the kitchen prepared at meal times. We switched some adventures around a little bit (Rafting in the rain is much funner than Rock Climbing in the rain), but overall it was a fun two days of playing outside. Thank you to the staff (and the campers) that kept up such great and happy spirits.