Last year we had a camp saying;  “So 2020 it ain’t even funny”…  Maybe one day we’ll be able to look back on 2020 and laugh, but it’s still isn’t that far in the past.  I think it’s safe to say that 2020 was not anyone’s favorite year.  It was a year full of so many changes and I don’t know anyone who isn’t happy that 2020 is finally over.

The year 2020 brought us something we never expected, the Covid-19 pandemic. For a while, we didn’t know what this meant for Rock-N-Water.  We all were all hoping and praying that we would still be able to have a summer full of adventures, and campfires, and yummy food. Thankfully, the Lord blessed Rock-N-Water in 2020 with a summer full of fun and adventure.  It was a much smaller summer than Rock-N-Water normally has, and there were many new changes that had to be put into practice, but we were allowed to stay open throughout the 2020 pandemic, and it was a huge answer to prayer.

Enter 2021

Now that 2020 is in the past, we are excitedly looking forward to our 2021 season.  Sadly, Covid is still not in the past.  There are still many guidelines and changes that will stay in place this year at camp.  But don’t worry, Rock-N-Water is still open and ready to have a great season!  And we hope you decide to come this year!

All these new Covid guidelines may seem a bit overwhelming and we don’t want any of the changes to take away from your experiences at our camp.  So I thought I’d break down in this post what camping at Rock-N-Water will look like in 2021.

What to expect

The good news is that camp still looks and runs just about the same as it did before Covid.  There are a few little changes, but nothing drastic.  Here is a look at some of the changes you can expect to find when you come:

  • As soon as you arrive at camp you will be greeted with a small laser-ray-gun being pointed right in your face. Aka… a thermometer. Of course, there will be a friendly guide on the other end to greet you as well.  You have nothing to worry about unless you have a temperature over 100.1, then sadly, you will be heading home.  We also will be doing a short health screening of everyone in your group and will ask a series of Covid-related questions.   All our staff will also be taking their temperatures daily to ensure that we are healthy and COVID-free as we serve you.


  • There is a new item on the list for things to bring to camp.  Your fashionable face mask!  I’m sure by now you have a mask, or two, or three!  We want you to bring your personal mask to camp (actually, we require you too).  Don’t worry though, we will not be requiring you to wear it during your entire stay.  But if you want to wear it the whole time, by all means, wear it, we won’t stop you. You will be asked to wear your mask as you stand in line to get your food and whenever you are in Rock-N-Water vehicles.

  • This next change is unfortunately a bit sadder.  We are not encouraging groups to mingle with other groups.  When you come to camp, it’s up to your group to decide how to deal with the six feet apart guidelines within your own group.  For many of our adventures, it is not possible to keep you six feet apart (i.e. in a boat, or in a vehicle).  We will be doing all that we can to keep you socially distanced from the other groups in camp.  This will mean no group campfire and any intergroup mingling you do will have to be done at your own risk.


  • You may want to get accustomed to seeing your favorite guides in masks.  Most of the staff have added a buff to their already crazy river outfit.  The staff will be wearing masks while working in the kitchen, serving food, and driving vehicles.  When you come to our camp, you are our guests and we want you to feel safe and loved.  If you are worried about Covid spreading in any way please let us know about your concerns so we as the staff can take whatever precautions we need to make your trip safe.  Even if that means masking up whenever we are around your group.
  • Water is important for all of our adventures, but our famous method of sharing the same jug is no longer sanitary.  Don’t worry, we have found a way to solve this problem.  When you come to camp everyone in your group will receive their own personal water bottle that they can bring on all the adventures. We will also provide you with a snazzy fanny pack to carry your water bottle in so you can have your hands free on all of our adventures.  And the best part is that you also will get to take this water bottle home with you as your own personal souvenir from your trip.  Free swag! Now that’s a sweet little benefit for you from Covid if I don’t say so myself.


  • Wash, wash, and wash your hands, please!  I know you have probably heard this message everywhere you go.  But washing your hands is one of the best-proven ways to stop the spread of germs.  We have set up many handwashing stations throughout camp to encourage you to wash your hands frequently when you’re at camp.


Can I still book a trip?

If this question has crossed your mind at all, let me put it to rest with a resounding yes! Yes, you can still book a trip!  Even with all these new changes in place, our camp is still up and running and we are excited to have you.  Things will be a little different but we will jump up and down for joy every time a new trip is booked!  We want to make your stay with us the very best experience ever, even amidst Covid.

We look forward to seeing you at camp in the summer of 2021!