Rock-N-Water is the best place to be,
Every part is unique, every stick, stone, and tree.
At Rock-N-Water there’s always something to do,
You’ll never be idle, I’m telling you!

Exploring old, fragile mines, trampling in the dense, leafy woods,
You might even find a shiny gold nugget if you could!
Even the food is scrumptious, especially the hot, soft buns,
Scrubbing the dirty dishes in the soapy, sud-filled water is surprisingly fun!

The most enjoyable part of Rock-N-Water is panning for gold,
And making candles, bracelets, and tortillas is exciting, I’m told!
I also adore gathering around the warm, cozy, blazing campfire,
We learn about Jesus and why you shouldn’t be a liar.

I enjoy journeying back in time,
And see a crystal quartz vein in a real gold mine!
To add to Rock-N-Water’s thrills and wonders,
This campsite has a natural beauty like no other!

The red breasted robin’s merry song fills the air,
And the bumblebee, striped gold and coal-black, carries nectar with care.
And the puffy, white, cotton ships of the sky,
Spills large crystal-clear drops of water as it drifts by.

Little white daisies litter the ground,
Fluffy squirrels and striped chipmunks gather nuts and make their chattering sound.
The water that drenches the creek is a crystal green-blue,
Bright multi-colored flowers peep out of the hedges and seem to squeak, “peek-a-boo!”

Rock-N-Water is an excellent name for this place,
For everywhere I look, I spot a beaming face.
Gold panning, hiking, there’s so much to do,
I’ll be waiting to see your enthusiastic face at Rock-N-Water too!

By Sianah Britto: Tabernacle Christian School Concord CA, Grade 5
2015 Writing Contest