Robbers Fire is not yet a danger to camp or any areas that groups will be going to this week.

The ~1400 acre Robbers Fire of neighboring Placer County, has (for better or worse) received some state wide news coverage. This fire is approximately 20 miles away from camp, and along with numerous natural and man-made obstacles between here and there, it is currently not a danger to camp. Since it started on Wednesday we have, and will continue to closely monitor it just in case. As always, if something will have an adverse affect to your upcoming trip, you can trust that we will attempt to contact you directly to advise you of the situation.

While two of our canyoneering locations (obviously none that we are planing on using this week) are closer to this fire, for the foreseeable future the loss of using those locations will not be felt and probably not even noticed by any of the groups coming up.

There has been a minimal amount of smoke at camp from this fire, but not yet enough to be of any concern for healthy individuals. However, any campers that have asthma, especially those with asthma triggered by environmental factors such as smoke, should of course bring their inhaler with them to camp. Again, we have and will continue to closely monitor this situation to ensure the safety of all our campers and staff.

The terrain map included below will give you a better feel for the distance between our camps and the fire.

map of robbers fire location


Jansen Wendlandt
Assistant Director – Rock-N-Water

 UPDATE 7/16/2012 - The fire is still burning,
but is currently moving away from RNW and the locations we use.
 Update 7/17/2012 - The fire is at 50% containment.