Prayer is and will always be an important part of a relationship with our God the Father. It’s a form of worship, a form of communication with the one and only God who created all that is! In order to have any relationship, there needs to be communication and there needs to be time spent from both sides. This is the same for our relationship with God, we need to talk to Him in order to listen and be heard.

The importance of prayer isn’t just about you and your life with God, however, its also about praying for things outside of you. There are many many things that can be prayed for; family and friends, safety, the church, those in need, your workplace, fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, for God to be known in the nations, and many more. Prayer is a powerful tool to make change happen, God hears us and answers in many ways. Whether He answers your prayers or not, He hears your voice and sees your heart. Prayer is powerful because it can make things change through God’s power and glory.

A Powerful Day

When we come together in prayer, it can be even more powerful! Multiple people praying to God for something to change, for His name to be known, means that there are multiple voices that God hears and listens to. There have been and still are prayer meetings and movements from all over where believers come together and cry out for God to come down bring revival. In America, there has been such a movement that takes place once every year for the last three decades called the National Day of Prayer. This is a nationwide movement that dedicates a day to come together as U.S. believers and pray. This idea of setting aside an appropriate day each year for a day devoted to prayer across the nation, began when the United States Congress alongside President Harry Truman signed it into the law. The National Prayer Committee becoming established back in the 1970’s and many continued to support and participate the cause. The first official observance of the National Day of Prayer was held in Constitutional Hall in Washington D.C. When the bill was presented to the Senate Judicial Committee, being signed by over 100 members. This day became official when Ronald Reagan signed a public law stating that the first Thursday in May was set aside as the National Day of Prayer nationwide.

The National Prayer Holiday

This day is a national holiday that isn’t celebrated regularly or talked about very often considering the overall state of Americans wanting God out of our nation and its foundations. Because of this not as many people have knowledge of it and it is becoming less known and participated in. However, that does not mean that it is a holiday that will become nonexistent. There are thousands of people coming together on this day to show that everyone has the need for a personal repentance and prayer to the one and only God. It stands to mobilise prayer in the Christian community across the nation for America’s leaders and its families.

This day apart for the rest, represents a national observance of the understanding that the United States was built upon prayer and reverence to God. Whether you physically go to a gathering on this day or go to pray on your own, I encourage you to join this movement and its representation of how necessary we need God in our nation. When a multitude of people come together and whole heartedly pray, God hears a multitude of voices crying out for a revival to come to those throughout the nation.