A couple of days during this last week, it had been raining down pretty hard. As I was walking home with a friend of mine, she said that she couldn’t wait to get out of the rain and get inside, and it started to get me thinking. Everyone has been praying and asking for rain because of the need we have for it, yet when it finally comes no one wants to get wet. I see a lot of people with umbrellas or hoods hurrying to their cars or homes to get out of the rain. We wait inside the comfort of our homes and watch the rain fall, but a lot of us don’t go outside to experience what we asked for.

I personally see this as a direct correlation between us and our relationship with God. We ask for God to show up and give us something, yet hide in the comfort of normalcy. I’ve had multiple instances where I have asked God to use me, however when the time came I let it slip by because it was out of my comfort zone. Sometimes we ask for him to rain down his spirit onto us, but when he does, we watch and don’t get wet in his spirit. It can be so easy for us to just to sit by and let someone else jump into God’s will.

Even though our homes are cozy, we can’t go anywhere by staying inside. We need to walk outside and allow God to pour down his holy spirit onto us.

“We need God’s rain to produce good fruit, but if we hide from it we can’t grow.”

-Leviticus 26:4