Update: 6:00 AM July 2, 2013 - All roads are open again.
Update: 7:20 PM July 1, 2013 - The fire is contained,
but it looks like Highway 50 is still closed.

Due to a small fire at Cameron Park and Shingle Springs, Highway 50 (as of ~4:30 PM July 1, 2013) has been closed in both directions. While the fire does not currently pose a danger to camp, groups arriving tonight (or until the closure is lifted) should take alternate routes.

We’d recommend coming in via Highway 80 or Salmon Falls road (Green Valley road is a parking lot). But of course, check for closures before starting. Camp is located at 6580 State Highway 49 Lotus CA 95651

Note: Some GPS systems do not have the correct location for camp. So be sure that the final map of your destination is somewhere in the same vicinity as Rock-N-Water is indicated on this map.

We’ll update as we can, but our internet is currently limited to a 14.2 Kbps dial-up connection (earlier it was only getting 9, yes just 0.009 Mbps).