The start of this new year is here… and already gone (geez, I blinked and it’s already February).

Today and wanted to share five simple things that should be on your to-do list for 2022 that will help you keep the adventure spirit alive and reach your goals!

1. Get outside more!

Make a commitment to yourself this year to get outside more!  It can be as easy as going on a walk every day or sitting outside in your yard to read a book and soak up some sunshine. Or maybe you’re the type who likes to plan those big fun adventures in the great outdoors each time you have a day off!

Getting outside not only is good for your health but it is also a proven way to boost your mood.  Just imagine then what could happen if we made an effort each day to get outside and bring more adventure into our lives.

2. Eat out less!

Rather than create a strict diet or exercise routine (because let’s be honest, who actually is able to stick to one for the whole year).  Simply make the decision to eat out less this year.  Each time we eat out, we not only have to spend money, but we are buying and consuming a meal that is high in calories and full of processed food.  Opting to make your meals means that you can ensure that you are consuming quality food.

Any weight goal you have will actually benefit from this simple change.  And not to mention it’s also quite a bit friendlier to your budget.

girl outside reading her bible at church camp

3. Adventure in God’s word!

Make this the year that you grow in your walk with the Lord!  Commit to doing something every day that will help you grow in your understanding of His word.  Spend a quiet time with the Lord each day and read good, biblically sound books that will edify you.

Setting aside time each day to be with the Lord and fill our minds up with Him is something that will store up for you riches in heaven.  You will never be disappointed when you choose to make time in the Word a priority this year.

4. Visit someplace new!

Whether you are a big traveler or more of a homebody, there is something special and magical about visiting new places.  I understand that a trip to Europe or a road trip around the states may be out of the picture for you this year.  I’m still dreaming about my Europe trip someday in the future.  But while we wait for those bigger trips, there are so many places in our own backyard that are worth visiting.

Perhaps there’s a new place in your town you’ve never visited before. A new coffee shop, a new hike you’ve never done. Maybe there is an exciting event that your town does that you’ve never gone too.  Be a tourist in your own town! Challenge yourself to get outside of your comfort zone at least once this year and visit someplace you’ve never been to before.  Who knows what you could learn!

5. Come to camp this Summer!

Last but definitely not least, come visit us at camp this year!  Our 2022 year is looking promising and we are so excited! If you’re not already planning a trip to our camp in the spring or summer, you are going to be missing out.  What better way to spend your summer than taking a group out adventuring in canyons, rock climbing, and rafting down the river.  It’s not to late to book a trip with us and make Rock-N-Water a part of you 2022!

Make 2022 count!

Don’t let 2022 slip by without growing in your walk with God, your adventure skills, and reaching your goals.  The time is now to get out and start doing things that will matter and make us not just better humans, but better followers of Christ.

Let us know in the comments what your plans are for adventuring and reaching your goals this year!