While we’d love to be entrusted with every youth group’s summer camp experience, there are some limited situations where the fit might not be optimal.

  1. Groups wanting a more traditional conference center style experience where we just provide the lodging, food, and a conference room for your meetings. Our adventures are all day adventures, so you really won’t have time for a full day of meetings and talks each day. You could have a short 30+ minute morning devotional, a mid-day 15+ minute quiet time, and a longer 1-2 hour campfire devotional time each night. But if you were wanting the focus of your time to be in-room meeting times, then Rock-N-Water isn’t the best fit.
  2. Groups wanting a less rustic camp environment.  With our tent camping and under-the-stars sleeping accommodations, we might not be a good fit if you were wanting a super soft bed with heating and air conditioning.
  3. Those looking for world renowned guest speakers and worship bands. Our adventure guides are amazing and can provide campfire programing for you at no additional cost, but we tend to fall short when it comes to leading worship, and our biblical devotionals will be a little more rough around the edges than you might be used to from a traditional camp with seminary graduates spending days and weeks preparing each and every talk they give.

There are obviously a large number of other ways that we differ from a more traditional camp, but with a degree of flexibility we can meet and exceed your expectations of what a camp experience should be.

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