One reason why camps are a place where students often make life changing decisions is that it is a place away from home. In addition, we have found that the longer and the more a student leaves their lifestyle at home, the more clearly they can see themselves — almost as if they are looking in from the outside. This doesn’t need to be an unpleasant experience. In fact, it can be naturally integrated into a refreshing adventure where students are mostly unaware of the limitations until their lifestyle is restored.

In order to minister to campers in this way, we have intentionally shaped Rock-N-Water to be completely different than what students experience at home. And though this is only one of our goals, we believe it is becoming an increasingly important experience for today’s youth. You may notice this philosophy behind some of our rules, preferences, and the way we share our camp. We anticipate that you will appreciate the effort and the effect – at least by the time you get back home. Thanks again for trusting us with your youth. (To those of you who will only visit us for a day or so, thank you for helping us contribute to an atmosphere that is more obviously productive in youth who are staying longer.)

You can read more about our educational objectives here.

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