Our 49er Fun Gold Rush Living History Field trips are optimized for 4th Grade students that are currently learning about the California Gold Rush and the history of California during their current school year. These trips also work great for those in 3rd and 5th grade too.

Older Students

As students get older, they might begin to feel that our playfulness of pretending to live in 1854, and not knowing what cell phones are, might be a little too childish for them.

Younger Students

For younger students, the fast physical pace that we maintain on the trip might wear them out (it already pushes many adults).


Having older or younger kids on a trip can not only impact the quality of the trip for their parent, but also for the other parents and students around them.

With that said, each school, at their discretion, is allowed to bring 1 student each year that is outside of the 3rd through 5th grade age range. If you would like to bring more than 1 student beyond the 8-11 year old age range, please consider signing up for one of our Multi-Age 49er Fun Field Trips. We don’t change the programing on these trips, but we do allow you to bring as many kids of any ages as you wish.

Students under the age of 5 years old on 49er Fun trips can come at 30% of the regular price of the trip. Please call/email us to sign them up with your trip.

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