Yes it’s no problem if you are on your period and you don’t wear tampons. We take a an old swim team trick and use what we know about our bodies and the water to help you navigate when you will need to wear a pad and when you will not. 

Our female guides will help with specific details but in general here is how it works:

  • When we are in the water for extended periods of time, our flow slows significantly or even stops. So, we have you wear your pad until right before we will be getting in the water for the day, then you can remove your pad and put it in the trash.
  • Enter the water for the day and then immediately put on a pad (which was in our dry bag) after exiting the water.
  • We know it can make ladies nervous, so if you are unsure about it, wear black board shorts/leggings/sports shorts for extra security.

We recommend letting your lady guide know what is going on so that she can help prepare you for each adventure. Make sure to bring plenty of your preferred supplies.

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