We intentionally do not have a lot of unstructured free-time or downtime at camp. We’ll keep you active pretty much all day long.

The little free time there is, will depend a little bit on the kind of trip you are doing.

Outdoor Adventure Trips


Our standard Breakfast is served at 8am, so there might be little freetime in the morning depending on when you wake up and how long it takes you to sunblock up and get ready for the day. Some adventures have earlier breakfasts times, and we’ll wake you up accordingly.

If you’d like to do a morning quiet time, just let us know. We can wake your group up, but we’ll be getting things ready for the day’s adventure, so we won’t be able to lead a morning quiet time or devotional.

We’ll depart for the day’s adventure shortly after breakfast, with no real freetime to speak of.


Maximizing your time out on your adventure, we’ll aim to arrive back to camp just before our 6 pm dinner. So you typically won’t have freetime to speak of between your adventure and the start of dinner.

There is typically about 1.5 hours of free time between dinner (served at 6 pm with most campers done eating by 6:45 pm) and campfire time which typically starts around 8:30 pm. We’ll have a guide watching the river for those that want to swim. Other common activities: volleyball, board games,  ultimate frisbee, and simply hanging out.

boys run and splash in river

Living History Field Trips

Depending on how fast you eat dinner, there might be up to a 30 minute break between dinner and the start of campfire. Kids tend to collect around the tree swing, while parents tend to take their time eating and rest their legs in the dining area.

Breakfast is served at 8am, so there sometimes is a little bit of freetime in the morning depending on when you wake up and how long it takes you to pack your stuff up in the morning.

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Christian Camps

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School Field Trips