The answer to that question varies a bit based on the time of the year and the adventure you are doing.

Depending on the size of your group, we will oftentimes combine multiple groups to do the same activity/adventure during the day, but you’ll still have autonomy. 

  • Campfire: There will be other groups in camp, but you will have your very own campsite and fire pit for campfire time.
  • Group Campfire – optional: We try to have a group campfire once a week (Typically on Wednesday Night). It is an opportunity to gather together as the body of Christ for a time of Skits, Worship, and a Short Message. Your group’s attendance is up to you. It is organize so that if you wanted, you could go for the Skits and/or Worship, and then retreat to your campfire to finish off the night with your own study/campfire. These large group campfires usually give your group the opportunity to entertain or minister to the other youth groups in camp by performing skits, poems, etc.
  • Adventures: Other groups will often be around you during the day and out on the adventure. It is not our goal to split your group up or to force others to mix with you, but some rare occasions the sizes of different groups necessitates a little mixing here and there. Please be flexible and talk with your Rock-N-Water Trip Leader if you have concerns. A few specific generalities: Group Size Limitations
campers dancing around a campfire at their youth summer camp

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