We provide all the food and snacks that you will need. If you have food allergies or dietary restrictions, please let us know in advance. We typically can meet most dietary needs without you needing to bring your own food.

We provide all the food you need. We’ve even planned out snacks to ensure that you not only don’t go hungry, but that you have enough energy to enjoy your entire trip.

If you do bring any snacks for the car ride, please leave them in the vehicle for the ride home (we are not in bear country – your vehicle will be safe). Bringing snacks to you campsite will not only attract small animals, but also typically results in campers snacking right before a meal, not eating the full meal, and then being dangerously hungry later on.

If you are ever unable to satisfy your hunger during a meal, please tell our cook.

If you are ever hungy outside of meal time, please tell your guide. They would love to provide you with a free, healthy, time appropriate snack.

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