Each adventure will clearly specify if we are expecting you to provide transportation to and from the location for your participants.

Class III Rafting Trips include the cost of any necessary transportation. While for other adventures requiring transportation of your group from one location to another, we typically find it less expensive for you to provide the transportation yourself, than for us to include it by default for everyone.

If you need us to transport some or all of your group, please contact us to confirm we can accommodate your request for the dates you are here. The costs vary depending on your needs:

  • $125/occurrence for every group of up to 9 people you need transported.
  • $500/occurrence for every group of up to 50 people you need transported.

Yes, these costs are higher than we would like. But because we are not in the business of providing additional transportation on a regular basis, we do not have an optimized system in place that would result in lower costs. We typically see only 2% of our groups each summer needing assistance with transportation (typically because they had a charter bus drop them off), and as such we have currently decided to pass those costs directly along to those that need the transportation, rather than spreading the cost between all the groups that otherwise can drive themselves.

Distances to adventures vary but typically are a 45-60 minute drive from our basecamp.

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