There is great value to having your entire group together for the duration of the adventure. But there are also some safety, quality, and physical limitations to having everyone together. As much as possible, we seek to keep your group together throughout the entire day, but sometimes we’ll break you up into smaller sub groups.

If you have more than 32 people we might need to split your group into smaller sub groups, but we can easily accommodate as many as 200 people on a single trip.

General Group Sizes on Adventures and Trips

Outdoor Adventures

If you have a small group of less than 5 people, please check out how our individual and very small trips work.

Whitewater Rafting

Rafts typically hold 5-7 people in each boat, sometimes less, sometimes more. Typically if you have a group of 6ish, it will be just your group in the raft.  If you have more people we will split your group up into different boats, and as we do that, there is a chance that one of your boats will be a mixed boat with 3-4 people from your group and 3-4 people from another group.

We can have up to 7 rafts rafting the river in one close group. So if you’ve got more than 50 people, we might raft the river in multiple groups with a little space between each group.

Rock Climbing

We’ll typically split your group up into groups of no more than 8 people per group as we go rock climbing. This optimizes the value of keeping your group together, while balancing that against the value of increasing the amount of time each participant gets to climb the rock.

If you have more than 32 people in your group, we likely will split your group up with half rock climbing one day while the other half does a different adventure, and then flip flopping adventures the next day.


We’ll typically travel through river canyons in groups of 10-40 people per group. It’s common to have another group join you for canyoneering days.

Depending on the canyon we visit we might need to split your group into smaller groups if you have more than 32 people.

Team Building

If you have a larger group doing team building, throughout the day we might split you into smaller groups of 32 or even 16 people per group for parts of the day so that each individual has a great day and doesn’t get overlooked in a sea of people.

Service Projects

If you have more than 32 people we might distribute your group between multiple projects during the day.

Living History Field Trips

If you have a minimum of 80 people, then you will likely have the trip to yourself. If you have less than 80 people, it is common to have one or two other schools join you throughout the trip. We can easily accommodate a single school of 120 people (students + parents) on a single trip. If you have more than 120 people we can talk about options for everyone to come on the same day compared to the option of splitting into two different days.

As we travel through the different activities of the trip, we’ll typically do so in groups of up to 20 people per group. If there is another school with you, at least one group of 20 will be a mix of two schools. Often times we find added value to the overall quality of the trip for students if each smaller group of 20 is a mix of students from each school.

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Christian Camps

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School Field Trips