Yes. Because the vast majority of our trips are for large groups, the prices you see are for group prices for groups of 5 or more people. If you have less than that you can still do a trip with Rock-N-Water, but it just might look slightly different than if you brought a few more people.

Added Costs for Customized trips for Individuals and very Small Groups

If you are an individual, or you have a group of less than 5 people, there is a small added fee of $50/day for customized adventure trips with 2 or more days of adventure. Day trips, with or without camping, do not incur this added cost. Nor do organized events that we have pre-planned for you. Learn more.

Differences between our standard group trips and trips for individuals or very small groups

  • You might be camping closer to other individuals and groups than if you had a larger group of your own.
  • While we try to keep our guides consistent from the start to finish of all our trips, for small groups there is a higher likelihood that your guide on the second day will not be the same guide you had on the day before.
  • Due to fire safety concerns, we won’t always have a fire pit available for you to use at night. You might play games in the kitchen without the ambiance of an open fire, or some nights you might be able to join another group for campfire time.
  • While even the larger groups run the chance of being mixed in on adventures with another group, you should expect that there will be other people joining you throughout your adventures.

Here are some popular trips for families and small groups.

campers dancing around a campfire at their youth summer camp

Christian Camps

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School Field Trips