Yes, but since the vast majority of our guests come as large groups from churches and schools, we have chosen to offer our discounted group rates to almost everyone, and thus the prices you see on our website, are already our discounted group prices.

If you are an individual, or you have a group of less than 5 people, and would like to do a customized trip, there is a small added fee of $50/day for adventure trips with 2 or more days of adventure. Day trips, with or without camping, do not incur this added cost. Nor do organized events that we have pre-planned for you.

Learn more about how day trips and multi-day trips differ for individuals and small groups of less than 5 people.

What about extra large groups?

We also have decided to avoid complicated multi-tiered group pricing structures. Be you a group of 10, 20, or 200, you all get the same great prices.

If you are comparing our prices against an organization that offers every 6th or 12th person free (or one of many other complicated systems), we believe you’ll find that our prices come out far more to your advantage. Because, let’s be honest, if someone is offering you every 10th person free, they simply have increased the “regular” price for everyone else in your group.

How about prices for adults versus kids?

You guessed it, rather than overcharge one group (maybe adults) so that we can pass along the savings to the other group (maybe youth), we have chosen to charge a simple single price for all active participants regardless of age.

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