California does not have any statewide outdoor adventure guide certification process in place. Some states do, but California does not.

We have an extensive initial training process that includes multiple evaluations of skills and abilities, as well as ongoing training processes in place for all of our guides.

Training Standards

The following list is designed to give you a general broad overview of our training procedure, but might be missing some finer details and limited exceptions.

  • First Aid & CPR
    • At a minimum each guide has basic first aid and CPR training, with most having received advanced 1st Aid & CPR training with a focus on emergency medical care in a wilderness environment.
    • Each trip has at least 1 guide that has received advanced first aid training. Typically a minimum certification of Wilderness First Aid (WFA is a 16 hour training), and more often that of a Wilderness First Responder (WFR is an 80 hour course).
    • When traveling to isolated locations, where communication with the outside world is significantly limited, we carry an emergency satellite communication device.
  • Water Safety
    • Each guide supervising swimming at camp or on adventures has received waterfront lifeguard training.
    • At least one guide on every rafting trip has received swiftwater rescue training. Typically most, if not all, of our river guides have received this training.
  • Hiring & Review Process
    • All staff undergo an extensive application process which includes multiple interviews, reference checks, and a nationwide criminal background check.
    • Staff are never to be alone one on one with any camper regardless of gender.
    • Most of our summer guides spend their first summer in an extensive, and intensive, 6-8 week training program before they are approved to guide trips on their own.

Camp Credentials

As an organized camp in California we meet and exceed standards set by the State of California. These standards exceed the requirements placed upon rafting companies and outdoor adventure outfitters. Our operations are regularly reviewed by multiple government agencies.

We are a member of both the Christian Camp and Conference Association, as well as the Christian Adventure Association.


There will always be risks involved with the activities we do at camp. While extensive training and comprehensive safety procedures decrease the likelihood of serious injury, injuries can still occur.

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