It’s a great summer camp tradition to have S’mores around the campfire at night. With the following three caveats you can bring materials for S’mores and have them on the last night you are in camp.

Having S’mores at campfire without it becoming a problem:

  1. Flaming balls of sugar flying through the dark sky can be dangerous. So you’ll need to instruct (and monitor) your group to not wave their flaming marshmallows in the air if they catch fire. Instead, gently blow then out, or let them burn.
  2. It’s easy to drop or misplace sugary bits of goodness on the ground in the dark, and small animals can be attracted to that goodness. So you’ll need to grab a flashlight and do a thorough sweep of the ground before you go to bed.
  3. Suggarified humans tend to not fall asleep very quickly. If you’ve got a day of adventuring with us the following day, a lack of sleep isn’t the best for the safety and quality of your trip. So we ask that you moderate the nighttime intake of S’mores to a reasonable level to ensure your group is well rested and ready to eat a hearty breakfast in the morning.

campfire worship gathering at summer camp surrounded by stars and trees

campers dancing around a campfire at their youth summer camp

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