Yes! Diabetics and insulin dependent individuals can totally come to camp.

Here is a list of a few extra things to bring with you to help make your time at camp the best it can be.

We are very excited that you are going to experience God’s creation with us and we want that experience to be great! In that light, we need you to be supremely prepared for the huge change in environment that you will experience, and we need you to be highly communicative with us about your needs. Only you know what you really need and when you need it, but your guide will want to know how you are doing and if you need assistance. By working together, we can get the most out of our time together. Even though all of our guides have medical training, we are not experts in diabetes care and so any information about your specific situation will be very appreciated.

Here is a list of supplies for you to consider bringing. There is little to no opportunity to re-supply once you arrive at Rock-N-Water so please take care in your packing. This list is not intended to replace your own list, just some of our recommendations from experience.

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