Nervous about adventuring in the outdoors without the comforts of home? No matter what time of the month it is, there are a few extra things you can bring to ensure that you can explore the outdoors without worry.

Packing List for the Ladies

  1. A Synthetic sports Bra or Athletic swimsuit top – Most of the guides around here opt for a synthetic sports bra instead of a swimsuit since it will be more supportive, more comfortable, and dries quickly.
  2. Bottoms – Think athletic shorts or board shorts and the longer the better. These may not make an overwhelming fashion statement but they dry quickly, don’t chafe, and keep our bottoms covered when we are 20 feet in the air climbing a rock face.
  3. Extra hair ties – It’s important to keep our hair out of our face and out of equipment as we adventure. Don’t forget to bring a few extra.
  4. Extra underwear – At the end of the day, it’s important to be able to change into dry clothes. It’s especially important to be able to change into dry, cotton underwear. We recommend synthetic underwear for under your shorts on adventures and cotton underwear for bedtime.
  5. Wet wipes – always help lady adventure guides feel fresh when showers are scarce.
  6. Extra feminine products – that you are comfortable wearing. You may not be expecting your period, but bring what you are comfortable with just in case. You will be able to participate in all the adventures, even if it’s your time of the month.
  7. Body glide to prevent chafing as we hike, swim and run in and out of the water each day.
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