What’s Rock-N-Water?:

About a year or two ago, I heard of Rock-N-Water.  I had no idea what it was and what this place was all about.  A few of my friends were already going to it and had been talking about Rock-N-Water for awhile.  After hearing about it so much, I decided that I needed to check this place out.  After finding out more about the camp and what it stands for, I wanted to get involved and began looking at that ways that I could.  The next thing I knew, I was signed up to work at Rock-N-Water for the next spring.  I was so excited!

When spring came and 49er Living History season started, I went out and started my greenhorn (beginning) stage of experience.  When the kids came on the trips with their schools, I was so amazed at how excited to they were to be here and to learn about all we had to share.  They got to have the amazing experiences of going inside a real mine, mining for gold, and sleeping in a tent or under the stars.  Yes, it gets hot sometimes or cold, but the weather here does not change our rule of, “Rain or shine? Just have fun!”

 Why I do it:

Seeing the glow in the kids’ faces as they panned for gold and learned how to make a rope, continued to lift my heart up with every group that came through.  Seeing this made me realize how evident God was just in seeing how their faces lit up.  Seeing this made me want to keep telling God, “Thank you Lord for making this beautiful day that we can all enjoy and thank you for the experience I get to share with these kids.”

After my first camp season is over, I told some of my friends about the experience at camp.  I told them about the cold weather, the rainy days, but also about the kids and what we get to show them.  And sometimes they don’t get why I do it and why I’d want to go back again.  And I do want to go back, not because I like the cold weather, which I actually do like, but because it warms my heart to see the smile on their faces when they are learning about all of the cool things that people used to do and see long ago.  They are shown all that nature can provide and by this can see how great God by showing himself through that.

To those of you who are already coming to Rock-N-Water or are even thinking about it, I just want to say, that you guys are in for a fun adventure into the past and are going to have a blast.  There were kids who were guests during our 49er camp who didn’t want to leave after their two days ended, and neither did I!   After my first season working with Rock-N-Water, I realized that my friends were right and I am so glad that they shared with me about it as much as they did.  And that is why I want to share it with you!  Rock-N-Water really is a great opportunity for parents to enjoy there time with their kids and for these kids to have the fun experience of getting a peak of what life was like long ago.

By Annya Smith: 49er Fun Living History Guide