In the article The Big Difference of Simple Encouragement, Becky Keife shares the story of an experience that was so small, yet so big.  All it took was an encounter with a stranger at the library while she was on an outing with her children.

Becky mentioned that she was feeling exhausted and worn-out trying to keep going while trying to make her kids behave. That’s when a random older woman stopped to tell her, “Thank you for staying home with them.”  It was such a simple interaction, such a small thing, but one that stuck with her. “A simple thank you from a stranger – a kind word to make a weary mama feel seen.  Is there an easier gift of encouragement to give?”

When stress and worry clouds your mind and your thoughts, it can seem daunting to be able to do anything that would actually help others.  But really, it doesn’t need to be hard to share encouragement and kindness with others (and ourselves, too).  As Becky says, “Simple words are the uncomplicated gift we can all give one another without cost or limit.”

There is always someone in your life, or a random mother in the library, who could use a sweet word of encouragement today.  Everyone around us has something wrong in their life.  Everyone has something that is hurting them, worrying them, distracting them, or burdening them.  Look around for who those people might be… and open your heart to opportunities where you can speak words of life, love, and encouragement to them.

If you need more ideas to help you get started, here is a simple idea:


Really, when was the last time you simply smiled and said hello to a stranger?

What a gift it is to share love and feel loved in return!