We hiked out into an area of relative desolation, and returned having discovered new brothers and sisters in Christ.

A look back on my 2017 Summer in the Rock-N-Water Volunteer Program

As a volunteer last summer I had the joy of getting to go on one of Rock-N-Water’s backcountry trips with a group of campers. We left for the backcountry on Monday morning as strangers, but returned Thursday evening as close friends. Throughout the course of those four days I personally watched and experienced how God used His creation to bond us together.

Growth Through Challenge

As we each stepped out of our comfort zones-whether through going down a 90 foot reppel, starting up new conversations, sleeping under the stars, or just being outside for so long… God began to break down our walls and pull us together. I saw campers start to redefine their limits as they tried new things and trusted the friends around them to be there if they needed them, and for God to meet us in our weaknesses and places of fear. I watched as the campers (and myself) began to believe in themselves and support each other along the way. As the days passed by, we allowed ourselves to fall into the roles of brothers and sisters in Christ.

starry sky with Milky-Way galaxy behind silhouette of trees

Fellowship and Community

Together we shared meals, laughter, and community. We sang songs of praise together under a sky that demanded the glory of God.

Our time in Desolation may have been short, but each moment spent together was rich in fellowship and joy. These people, that trip, and our God have forever left a mark on my heart.

By Shelby Lyon: Rock-N-Water Adventure Guide