A letter from Craig Lomax – February 2019

Dear Friends,

I am excited (and a little sad) to share with you some big news from Marianne and I. After 29 years, we have decided to close our time at Rock-N-Water. It was a difficult choice to make, but it is time for us to embark on new adventures like consulting, suicide prevention and, for Marianne, selling real estate!

Marianne, Joy, Collin, and Craig LomaxWe reached out to Transformation Ministries, a Christian non-profit, and they have been very enthusiastic about ensuring that Rock-N-Water continues its legacy of providing outstanding transformational adventures in God’s creation. They are a smart and faithful group of people, committed to the mission of “Helping others see, know, and experience God.” To add to my confidence in the situation, they have hired my highest recommendation, Aaron Daly, to take my position as Camp Director. Aaron has worked several summers at Rock-N-Water over the last decade or so, and he was an excellent youth pastor for six years, as well. Replacing me is the only staff change they intend to make, so it’s an ideal situation for a seamless transition. Aaron and his wife, Rebekah (who was also an excellent youth pastor for several years), have fervent hearts for the Lord and a passion for seeing people realize God through adventures in creation. I am excited to see what Aaron will do with the support of such a stable and ministry-minded organization. Your students are still in very good hands, and Rock-N-Water may now be changing lives for generations!

We are so appreciative of the last three decades at Rock-N-Water. Our time serving you has been more fulfilling than we can express. We hope that you will give Aaron and his team the same support and respect you have given us, and that you will continue to get your students out into what God has made.


Craig Lomax

TheCraigLomax@gmail.com | MarianneLomax@gmail.com