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Stories of outdoor adventures in general and specific stories of adventures experienced through Rock-N-Water Christian Camps. Highlighting the value of getting outside and into God’s great outdoors. Including tips, suggestions, and advice for ways to get yourself and your youth out into nature either with Rock-N-Water or on your own.

10th Feb 2015

archive February Water Report – 2015

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February Water-Year Forecast Each month in the spring, the Department of Water Resources releases a prediction[1. They call it a "Forecast"] of what the water situation will be for the rest of the water year. The February report is out[3. The raw data is here, but that gets updated with the most recent survey every month. [...]

13th Jan 2014

Eureka: God Revealed!

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“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made , so that men are without excuse.” Romans 1:20 (NIV) What happens when campers are truly vulnerable to God’s glory expressed in creation? […]

20th Sep 2013

A Solid Experience

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Soon, all seven of us are sitting at the ready, waiting for Dustin to jump in and guide us out into the current. We see him exchange a few words with Jay over by the pile of PFDs, saunter over to our raft, and then with a quick, “Good luck, guys!”, he pushes us out [...]

10th Apr 2013

April Water Report for 2013

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Below Normal water but still looking good We've got less water in California than we would like, but we're still only in the Below Normal range for summer water releases. This means that for April through the 1st week in May (after which we'll go off the May water report), we'll have guaranteed water for whitewater rafting on [...]

14th Jul 2012

Robbers Fire a problem but trips are ok

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Robbers Fire is not yet a danger to camp or any areas that groups will be going to this week. The ~1400 acre Robbers Fire of neighboring Placer County, has (for better or worse) received some state wide news coverage. This fire is approximately 20 miles away from camp, and along with numerous natural and man-made obstacles between here and there, it is currently [...]

13th Jun 2012

5 Camperships available Summer 2012

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Update: 6/25/2012 - All scholarships have been awarded. Rock-N-Water, through the Christian Camp and Conference Association's - Corners of the Field program, has just been awarded 5 camperships of $125/person to be distributed among campers of Rock-N-Water Christian summer camps that meet the following conditions: Campers must be under 18 years old and attending 3 or more [...]

11th May 2012

Raftable Flows 2012

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On May 11th, the Department of Water Resources released it's Bulletin 120 report on the water fall and storage levels in California for 2012. While our snow pack and rain fall has been abysmal in 2012, the reservoir carryover from the 2011 water year was enough to lift us up into a "Dry" water year classification (at least [...]

15th Sep 2011

It’s leadership retreat weekend!

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This weekend is our leadership retreat weekend with 3 insanely low priced retreats of varying lengths each focused on helping nourish and develop church youth group leadership teams. If you missed it this year, check out Christian Leadership Retreats to sign up for next year's leadership retreats.

Statement of Belief

We believe we should, "Love the Lord (our) God with all (our) heart, and with all (our) soul, and with all (our) mind," and "The entire law is summed up in one command: Love your neighbor as yourself." Matthew 22:37, Galatians 5:14. We believe Jesus Christ is the eternal and only Son of God. That He died on the cross as the perfect sacrifice, paying the penalty for all our sins, and then rose from the grave. It is through faith alone in Jesus Christ that we have received the free gift of salvation and eternal life. We are saved by grace, not works, “that no one should boast”. We believe the Bible is accurate, reliable, and the Word of God. (Luke 5:20-24; John 1:1-18; John 3:15-21; John 14:1-15; Ephesians 2; 1 John)

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We've tried to spell out who we are and why we think spending time in the outdoors is so valuable. But if you've still got questions, please don't hesitate to contact us we'd love to help.

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Rock-N-Water is a group of Christians who want to impact young people with the joy of God's Living Word, so they might come to know Jesus and pass on God's love with excitement. We focus our program on biblical principals, and we use the help of nature, friendship, and challenge to develop character.

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