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Timely information, news, Updates about events, specials, discounts, and other timely information relating to Rock-N-Water Christian Camps. Updates about events, specials, discounts, and other timely information relating to Rock-N-Water Christian Camps.

11th May 2016

archive SFAR Water Year Forecast for 2016

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2016 Water Year for the South Fork of the American River tl;dr: Daily raftable water through Labor Day. SFAR Water Year Forecast 2016 The May Water Report was released late Monday May 9th, with the Water-Year forecast staying in the Above Normal range. Specifically it’s forecasting the American River below Folsom at 2,850 thousand acre-feet, with 2,600-3,500 [...]

11th Apr 2016

archive SFAR Water Year Forecast April 2016

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April 2016 Water Year Forecast for the South Fork of the American River tl;dr: Great Improvement – Looking Solid for Above Normal Water Year on the South Fork American River SFAR Water Year Forecast as of April 1, 2016 The April Water Report was released late Friday April 8th, with the Water-Year forecast leaping into the Above Normal [...]

9th Mar 2016

archive SFAR Water Year Forecast March 2016

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March 2016 Water Year Forecast for the South Fork of the American River tl;dr: No Change. Forecast drops slightly but stays in the upper range of Below Normal SFAR Water Year Forecast as of March 1, 2016 The March Water Report was released yesterday March 8th, with the Water-Year forecast staying in the Below Normal [...]

26th Mar 2015

$75 Amazon Gift Card Sweepstakes

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Get the outdoor adventure gear you've been eyeing - Sweepstakes runs March 26 - April 4, 2015 Amazon Gift Card Sweepstakes Use the above entry form to enter into a chance to win a $75 Amazon gift card from Rock-N-Water Christian Camps. Entering is as simple as subscribing to the Rock-N-Water Blog and following [...]

17th Mar 2015

Writing Contest Results – 2015

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Today we’re announcing the winners of our 2015 Rock-N-Water Essay Contest!  This is our first year collecting these and we think you’ll be as pleased as we were to read them.  Students of all ages, guides, youth directors, chaperones and even parents submitted 90 entries.  Thank you all! This Thursday we’ll post our first place [...]

10th Feb 2015

archive February Water Report – 2015

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February Water-Year Forecast Each month in the spring, the Department of Water Resources releases a prediction[1. They call it a "Forecast"] of what the water situation will be for the rest of the water year. The February report is out[3. The raw data is here, but that gets updated with the most recent survey every month. [...]

1st Dec 2014

Fires, Floods, and… Straw?

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Fire | Flood | Straw I didn’t realize how closely associated fire and flood could be… But then as I looked into things a little more I found that there was a third word being added to the mix that initially confused me even more: Straw. Specifically Rice Straw, but lets start with the fire. The King [...]

24th Jan 2014

got water?

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Last Friday, Jan 17 2014, California Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency for the state of California. News outlets and the like were quick to respond with headlines like, Hundred Years of Dry ((Time – Science & Space)), California’s drought emergency ((Los Angles Times – Opinion)), The Drought is Back in California ((Rush Limbaugh)), Historic [...]

27th Aug 2013

Photo and Video Contest 2013

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Did you visit Rock-N-Water between September 2012 and August 2013? Then it's time for you to share your best photos and short videos for a chance to win up to $200 per winning entry. To learn more, please visit: View most of the submitted photos and vote for your favorite at Contest ends [...]

Statement of Belief

We believe we should, "Love the Lord (our) God with all (our) heart, and with all (our) soul, and with all (our) mind," and "The entire law is summed up in one command: Love your neighbor as yourself." Matthew 22:37, Galatians 5:14. We believe Jesus Christ is the eternal and only Son of God. That He died on the cross as the perfect sacrifice, paying the penalty for all our sins, and then rose from the grave. It is through faith alone in Jesus Christ that we have received the free gift of salvation and eternal life. We are saved by grace, not works, “that no one should boast”. We believe the Bible is accurate, reliable, and the Word of God. (Luke 5:20-24; John 1:1-18; John 3:15-21; John 14:1-15; Ephesians 2; 1 John)

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We've tried to spell out who we are and why we think spending time in the outdoors is so valuable. But if you've still got questions, please don't hesitate to contact us we'd love to help.

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Rock-N-Water is a group of Christians who want to impact young people with the joy of God's Living Word, so they might come to know Jesus and pass on God's love with excitement. We focus our program on biblical principals, and we use the help of nature, friendship, and challenge to develop character.

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