As you probably heard, California has received a “decent” amount of snow pack this year, combined with a relatively cold and wet May. This winter that meant digging through 15 feet of snow to get to the ROOF of a cabin for one of our snowshoe winter camps. This summer, it will mean dynamic water conditions, and sometimes putting in place alternate plans to ensure that each Christian summer camp we offer is the funnest and safest experience possible.

So that we can better predict and prepare for different snow melt conditions, we have been working hard to further improve our understandings of the drainage/reservoir systems that feed into the different river canyons that we play in.  With only a few holes left to fill in, we left messages with two different government agencies this morning.

Within 1 hour, both agencies not only called us back, but also fully answered every remaining question that we had, gave us their personal predictions of what the snow melt is going to look like, and even gave us readout information for a sensor that we had been trying to get information on for months.

Praise be to God for making everything come together!

Jansen Wendlandt