California River Rafting Trips

  • 1 Day Class III River Rafting

  • Bring Your Own Lunch Rafting Photos
  • Available Year Round
  • Ages 7 and older
  • 4.9 out of 5 stars 4.89 (229 reviews)
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  • 1 Day Class IV River Rafting

  • Includes Lunch & Snacks
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  • Available June through August
  • Limited to High School or Older
  • 5 out of 5 stars
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  • $289
  • 1 Day Class III River Rafting
    1 Day Class III River Rafting
  • 2 Nights of Camping & 5 Meals
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  • Available March through October
  • Limited to Middle School or older
  • 4.9 out of 5 stars 4.93 (55 reviews)
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  • Multi-Day Rafting Combinations

    California White Water Rafting Trips!

    White Water Rafting in California with Rock-N-Water Christian Camps

    For over 30 years we have been refining our whitewater rafting programs and guides to make Rock-N-Water the optimum place to take your group boating. It is our goal that every day is a full of opportunities for fun adventures, personal growth, and camaraderie with friends. Our staff are not just rafting professionals, they are also dedicated Christian youth workers committed to serving your students throughout their trip.

    Whitewater Rafting Trips in California

    Take your youth group, friends, or family on a white water adventure trip on one of California’s greatest rivers. These rafting trips are fun and a great way to develop new friendships, teamwork and unity. You will get the opportunity to crash through whitewater rapids together on adventure trip that will leave your group with fantastic memories for a lifetime.

    First, Rock-N-Water provides a variety of options for your group’s rafting adventure trip:

    • Class III River Rafting Trips – Take your group on a river trip. From beginner to intermediate white water river rafting trips are perfect for Middle School, Junior High School, and Senior High School aged students.
    • Class IV Rafting Trips – Intermediate to Advanced California river rafting in California for High School, College groups, and adults that are looking for a bit more adventurous option.
    • Class III Inflatable White Water Kayaking Trips – For High School youth and older. You and a friend navigate two person inflatable kayak down class III whitewater that put you eye level with the rapids.

    California Whitewater Rafting Destinations

    With great weather, snow pack in the mountains, and water storage systems, some California whitewater rivers can even be rafted year round, making river adventures in California more accessible than other places in the US. Rock-N-Water offers white water river rafting opportunities on the following California rivers:

    • The South Fork of the American River – South Fork American River white water rafting trips offer many options to visitors. First learning about Sutter’s Mill and the start of the California Gold Rush, and then boating down the river. Our Splash About is a hands-on experience with Class II and III whitewater on the South Fork of the American River.
    • The Middle Fork of the American River – The Middle Fork American River is a remote and isolated river that offers Class IV rapids. On our Ruck-A-Chuck river rafting experience we have an extended day trip for high school students and older.
    • The North Fork of the American River Gorge offers class V rapids that, while an excellent rafting experience, is not an optimal fit for our primary audience of families and Church youth groups. We can recommend a outfitter if you would like to raft the North Fork American River.

    Technical Whitewater Information

    • What is White Water Rafting?
    • River Classification System – Learn about the six class river difficulty rating system, and how you can use it to get a general idea of how one rapid or river might compare to another one.
    • What is Included – What does a whitewater rafting trip with Rock-N-Water include?
    • Accommodations and Facilities – What are the accommodations like? Most importantly, what kind of modern conveniences can I expect while I am going river rafting with Rock-N-Water Christian Camps?

    About Whitewater Rafting with Rock-N-Water

    Rock-N-Water is a Christian camp with a passion to use outdoor adventure to help other see, know and experience God.  We focus our adventures on biblical principles, and we use the help of nature, friendship, and challenge to help develop character. Learn more about Rock-N-Water.

    Our rafting basecamp is located in Northern California about an hour West of South Lake Tahoe and about 3 hours northeast of San Francisco. We are situated directly on the South Fork American River. Although we do have showers and flushing toilets, our campsite is rustic. We eat, sleep, and play outdoors and wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Details & Possible Upgrades

    • By default, each of the above multi-day California american river raft trips have you arrive around 7 PM the night before (eating dinner before you arrive). Then, leaving around 6 PM (eating dinner on the road) at the end of your last adventure. If you would like to do the same on a one day trip, it’s just an extra $22/person.
    • Multi-Day rafting trips require a minimum of 10 people.
    • If you live more than 3 hours away  we recommend you add dinner and another night of camping & campfire time to the end of your trip for just $22/rafter.
    • There is an extra $15 per person fee for doing adventures on a Saturday or Sunday.  Why weekends cost more?
    • For river rafting trips that take place October through June there is an extra $15 per person fee in these months. What's it cover?

    More Information

    Again, please contact us if you have any questions, or are not finding exactly what you are looking for.

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