Travel into the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California with your youth. Explore a winter wonderland of snow, ice, and the beauty of God’s creation. Our staff will take you snowshoeing through forests and beside lakes for a time of exploration on our guided snowshoe tours. We will take care of all the logistics so that you and your leaders can focus on what you came here for, to better connect with your youth, and to help encourage them along in their Christian faith.

Walk on Water Snowshoeing Trips

campers snowshoe in the snow at winter retreat

Our camp counselors will also be your outdoor adventure guides as we customize your snowshoe adventure and the other activities of your snowshoeing trip to best meet your group and the goals you have set for your winter retreat. We can explore the wilderness of secluded snow covered hills, watch the sunset from atop a mountain peak, hike on cross country trails around the lakes on snowshoes, play snowball-paintball,  build snow caves, and of course go sledding. We’ll also make sure to provide some great quiet times alone in God’s snow covered mountains as we explore all that the outdoors has to offer.



The Cabin

Each of our guided snowshoeing tours visits a fully furnished cabin. While we’d like this winter adventure to be more on the rustic side, having a Dryer and Hot Shower available for emergencies allows us to be more adventurous with the time we spend out in the snow. We have cell phone reception too (for emergencies only).

Weather can be unpredictable, and so we have amazingly fun contingency plans in place for a wide variety of weather conditions (from too much to too little snow) to ensure a high quality winter adventure experience regardless of the weather. And of course, we will talk with you in the rare event that conditions become so strong that we need to cancel your trip.

Get Outside

Each of our mountain snowshoeing winter trips is designed to not only get your group to know each other better, but to also help youth to experience first hand the beauty of God’s creation so that they might come to better know their loving savior Jesus Christ through fun outdoor adventures, and intentional campfire devotions as we dig deep into God’s Word.

explore snow covered mountains during your winter campIt’s our passion to not only get youth into the outdoors, but to also help them to actually stop and experience the outdoors first hand while they are here. Too often with end up overloading camp programing with non-stop activities such that even though we are in the middle of God’s amazing creation, our students hardly have more than a few minutes each day to actually look up and see the world outside. We want to change that.

Each of our adventures include time intentionally set aside to give campers an opportunity to just stop and think. Often times this takes the form of a quiet time that we’ll front load with a short devotional before spreading the group out for a time of quiet reflection.

Details & Limitations

  • Each trip includes snowshoe rentals, backpacking backpacks to carry your stuff in, and our amazing staff.
  • You’ll need winter clothing and sleeping bags.
  • Limited to groups of 10-30 people
  • Winter Rafting is not always available 7 days a week, contact us for current flow forecasts.

More Information

Again, please contact us if you have any questions, or are not finding exactly what you are looking for.