River Rafting (Class III)

Available Year Round

The Splash About

Spend a day or two rafting through two different stretches of the South Fork of the American River.
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Advanced Rafting

Available June through October

The Ruck-A-Chuck

Enjoy a full day of adventurous Class IV whitewater rafting on the Middle Fork of the American River.
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Inflatable Kayaking

Available June through October

The Yakity Yak

Take a day to get up close and personal with Class III whitewater in two person inflatable kayaks.
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Rock Climbing

Available April through October

The Rock Solid

Explore the river canyon from the sides of the rocks as we go outdoor rock climbing, rappelling, and bouldering.
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Available May through September

The Explore-A-Canyon

Explore one of our astonishingly beautiful river canyons with a day of exploration, discovery, and fun.
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Available Late June through August

The Backpacker Paluza

A five day adventure camp complete with backpacking in God’s creation, canyoneering, water slides, rock climbing, rappelling, and whitewater rafting!
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Team Building

Available March through October

Teamwork, Unity, & Fun

Stretch your group to trust, encourage, and support each other as they attempt our games, challenges, and fun initiatives.
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Available December through Mid-March

Explore a winter wonderland

Take a day or a weekend to explore the great outdoors while hiking on top of frozen water.
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Adventure Training

Classes Available Spring & Summer

Become a Guide

Learn how to take yourself and groups rock climbing, rafting, backpacking, and sharing God’s word while you do.
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California Outdoor Adventure Camps

Ridiculously fun adventure camps in God’s creation.

Rock-N-Water Christian Camp’s summer outdoor adventure camps are designed for youth groups (junior high, middle school, and high school), schools, and families. Christian-led adventures in creation make the opportunities for fun, deeper relationships and spiritual growth almost unavoidable. These one-day trips in the outdoors of California are great on their own, and can be combined into two to five day summer camps for the ultimate high point of your summer experience.