Wonder what it will be like when you get to camp?

The Fun

You can expect enthusiastic and costumed staff to greet you and kick things off with a game or skit. You can expect an all outdoor facility. We have all the comforts of modern electricity and plumbing but we strive to keep things as rustic as possible so that your students can experience the outdoors to the full extent possible. Sleeping outside can often be a big part of the adventurous fun that students never forget.

The Logistics

Staff will want to get to know about you. Names, where you are from, how the drive went and how many of you there are. Staff will want to give you a tour of the facilities and outline a few camp expectations with your students. From there, it’s getting unloaded and sleeping sites set up. Groups either elect to tent camp or tarp it under the stars in the warmer summer months. While students are finishing up, you can expect to meet with your camp staff and turn in waivers and any other required documents. It is common for staff to give you an outline of the schedule for the evening and settle any last minute details, and answer any last minute questions you may have at this time.

The Spiritual

You can expect the camp staff and guides at Rock-N-Water to take a spiritual interest in you, and your students. Your guide most likely has been praying for your trip long before you actually arrive at camp. Your guide will want to talk and discuss a plan for quiet time devotionals and evening campfire time.

Camp Map

Rock-N-Water Camp Map

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How things change from season to season

Summer Camp & Adventures in the Summer

Here is a few things to consider and expect for our summer season at camp. You expect that your summer guide will outline the outdoor adventure plan when you arrive at camp. They will talk to your students about how to prepare for each adventure the night before. We don’t want to give students too much information too early as, The Adventures can change in big ways or small ways with little notice. Since we operate in nature we are subject to things outside of our control. We can promise that you are going to have an amazing adventure, but we can’t always promise it will be the one we planned on. You can also expect that your guides are going to take care of you in entirety during your time at camp. Meals, snacks, water, equipment and all logistics will be taken care of by Rock-N-Water staff, so that you don’t have to worry. You can expect to have time by the campfire each night and maybe combine with another group or two for a group campfire of skits, stories, talents and finish it off with worship and someone sharing. If you are worried or have questions, don’t hesitate to talk with your guide. They want to be transparent as possible and keep you in the loop.

Adventures in the Spring

It can be pretty fun to do summer adventures in the spring (March-May)! Here’s a few thing to keep in mind if those Spring months look like a better time to bring your group adventuring. In the Spring, water levels can be unpredictable. Many times, water levels can be comparable to summer only colder. We use wet suits, booties, and layers to keep warm against the cold water or rain. Sometimes, rain and melting snow can drive water levels up making whitewater rafting colder, risky or even unsafe. When you schedule a spring rafting trip know that it may need to be replaced with another adventure if the river rises to an unsafe level. It’s also important to know that some of our adventures aren’t available in the springtime because of how unpredictable water and weather can be at that time of year. In the Spring it’s colder, and wetter than the summer, we recommend bringing tents, a warm sleeping pad and sleeping bag along with plenty of warm layers. It’s important to recognize that we also run our 49er fun program for 4th graders April-May. Camp may look and feel a little different with that program operating during the week. Or you may get the chance to stay at our other campground “The Cove”

49er Fun in the Spring

You will generally be joining us at the Gold Bug Mine in Placerville. We start having fun as soon as you get there, and we make sure that everyone is on board with the fun of time traveling! We will eat lunch, then split up into groups of 20 or less to tour the gold mine. Once you arrive at camp, you will travel through a “time field” and into our 1854 mining camp along the banks of the American River. Weather can change drastically in the Spring. You can expect everything from very rainy to warm summer like days. It helps to be prepared for any type of weather. Dress in layers and bring a warm sleeping bag, sleeping pad and a tent for the cold evenings. We recommend bringing a warm hat, change of shoes and a rain jacket. Some springs, the mosquito’s can be vicious. Be prepared with long, sleeves, pants and bug repellent of your choice.

Adventures in the Fall

Fall is simply a beautiful at Rock-N-Water.  A few things to expect in the fall season (End of August-September): Our main operating season is during the summer time. If you come after mid August, please expect for there to be less camp staff. Many staff leave after our main season and camp may seem a little sleepy and quiet. You can expect that your guides will have more responsibilities on their plate and they may not be able to spend the same amount of time with you and your students as we would in the summer months. You can also expect for it to be cold. For the most part, the weather during this part of the year is colder than the summer months. Be prepared to dress warm for the evenings and mornings. Help prepare your students by explaining the need for a sleeping pad and a warm sleeping bag. Instruct your students to bring an extra set of clothes, wool socks and a beanie for those cold mornings. With all that said, there is a chance your group will have camp to themselves, or at least with less teenagers, making for an unusually intimate experience for your students.

Adventures in the Winter

We like to mix things up in the winter months! For outdoor adventures in the winter we travel up to a remote cabin in the Sierra’s. Plan to spend intimate time with your group engaging in fun adventures. It is important to know that weather is many times the factor that dictates what we can and cannot do. Some years, there is lot’s of snow and we can do lot’s of snowshoeing, sledding and the like. Occasionally, there is too much snow and we may have to change our cabin location. And Sometimes, there is no snow and we engage in more of the summer type adventures.  Flexibility is key to enjoying an awesome trip with your group in the wintertime. For the majority of trips in the winter, come prepared with chains for your vehicles, snow gear and extra warm clothes to change into after a day of snow play.

More Information about Rock-N-Water’s Christian Adventure Camps

We’d love to answer any questions that you might have, simply contact us online or give us a call 1-800-738-0555.

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