Genuine Rock-N-Water T-Shirts

Available to groups ordering in advance

In keeping with our desire to avoid the whole buying and selling environment at camp, Rock-N-Water does not have a camp store. We do however have enough groups that express interest in getting T-Shirts for their trips that we make them available to groups ordering in advance.

You can add on T-Shirts for your entire group (all or nothing) for just $20/person. To help avoid any disappointment of groups not getting T-Shirts, we’ll sneak your T-Shirts to you in the parking lot while we wave goodbye a the end of your trip.

Because most 4 and 5 day trips request T-Shirts, we include them by default on those trips. The prices on this website reflect that default option, but you can choose to remove T-Shirts from 4 and 5 day trips if you wish.

Designs & Artwork

We have different design on our T-Shirts each year, with the final design being finalized in mid-late May.


2019 T-Shirt Artwork Front and Back


T-Shirt Mockup Artwork 2018 Front T-Shirt Mockup Artwork 2018 Back


T-Shirt Mockup Artwork 2017 FrontT-Shirt Mockup Artwork 2017 Back


t-shirt artwork with sun splash on the frontt-shirt artwork with Rock-N-Water outdoor adventure logo on the back


T-Shirt artwork for 2015 Summer Camps




t-shirt-2013-front t-shirt-2013-back




t-shirt-2011-front t-shirt-2011-back

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