Ever wonder why Rock-N-Water places such an emphasis on being in the outdoors at Summer Camp? We get to spend every day and night in God’s enticing playground. The adventurous challenges and tranquil beauty God gave us in nature allow for a depth of ministry we know no other way of achieving. Christian led excursions in creation make for great opportunities of fun, help deepen relationships, and make positive spiritual growth happen in a unique way.

Today’s students are growing up indoors. Never before has humanity been so protected and distracted from the natural world God made, its wonders, challenges, adventures, and intrigues. Never before have young people been so “connected” to each other and yet so lonely. We and others have concerns for the spiritual growth of those who rarely, if ever, have meaningful encounters with God while in the outdoors. Our students have many mental, emotional and spiritual needs that are often going unmet. 

Designed to be outside

camper reading her bible during a quiet time devotional on a backpacking trip

Time spent outside creates space for small but powerful conversations.

Originally we were designed to live in nature, learning about God through His creations. Learning about ourselves and others by working hard together. But our latest generations are left standing inside with unnatural gaps: mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually. Nature was intended to be a part of our development.

Although there is nothing wrong with most of the ways students are being protected and distracted from experiencing God in creation, we think that most of us are missing out on this foundational aspect of our relationship with Him. We believe that the Creator is revealed through His creations, which include the natural world.

“For since the creation of the world His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made…” Romans 1:20 NASB

Moving forward

Spending time in nature is no longer happening, and the impact is affecting the growth process of our youth in unfathomable ways. As the awareness of these developmental needs is increasing, youth pastors, teachers, directors of christian camps, and parents are demanding ways of implementing God’s creation into the lives of those they are responsible for. Outdoor education and adventure programs are valuable tools to help Christian leaders face this new and increasing challenge. And, in the presence of these needs, Rock-N-Water is committed to being an excellent, relevant, and outrageously fun outdoor adventure camp to turn to.

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