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There isn’t a person or a business who hasn’t been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic; some businesses are unexpectedly flourishing (toilet paper, anyone?), while others are living in anxious uncertainty as to when (or if) operations will resume for them. And for Rock-N-Water, a company whose primary business function involves large groups of people “congregating” at camp, the federal and state-wide directives have been particularly hard hitting. 

In any case, we are looking at some pretty significant fallout. Economically, we recognize that we are not unique in this regard; many of you are dealing with similar prospects in different contexts. So if you are not in a position to support Rock-N-Water’s mission of helping others to see, know, and experience God by giving to the ministry financially, then know that we are in the trenches with you! On the other hand, if you feel called and able to contribute, your tax deductible gift could help tip the scales for Rock-N-Water and enable us to weather this storm, financially. Ultimately, we believe this is God’s camp, and He will sustain it as He sees fit, but we also believe that God uses people. So we’re asking you: Would you consider a donation to help support Rock-N-Water?   


  • A Bus:  Due to new environmental laws that were recently enacted in CA, our former transportation company was forced to go out of business. We are in the process of pursuing Class B licensing for designated staff members, but we are in need of a bus for transporting campers and guests that is a 2010 model or newer. Please pray with us for God’s provision in this area. 
  • A New Refrigeration System: High temperatures in the summer can tax our refrigeration system to the max, which is not good for food, for our budget, or for our guests and staff! Initial price estimates to improve our existing system are around $30,000, which is a big number for us, but no big deal for the God we serve! Pray that in His perfect timing, God would make this a reality for Rock-N-Water.
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We’d love to answer any questions you might have, please contact us and let us know how we can serve you.

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