Panning for gold out of the American River during 49er Fun's living history field trips


Rope making with Rock-N-Water's 49er Fun living history field trips

California Living History

Exploring the past to collect lessons for the heart.

Rock-N-Water's living history programs take your class on unforgettable adventures where students study history that's alive! 3rd and 4th graders pretend to go back in time where they learn about history by living it (living history). Experiential learning isn't just a great way to study the past, its a highly effective tool for teaching spiritual lessons as well. Our staff become pioneers, immigrants and Indians who intertwine the love and joy of God's living Word into everything we do, and we we have a lot of fun along the way too!

Living history field trip options

We offer two experiential learning field trips for 3rd and 4th grader students:

  • Maidu Discovery - Primarily designed for 3rd grade classes studying Native American history. Through experiential learning your students will discover what life was like before the gold rush.
  • 49er Fun - Primarily designed for 4th grade classes studying California history and specifically the Gold Rush of 1849. These living history field trips will bring the gold rush to life all around you.


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